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Satanic Madwoman, Media Production

SIN JONES is the Cult of SIN:


SIN JONES, cultus extraordinaire and proprietor of The Poison Apple, a conduit in which she imposes upon the voyeur, her Sintristic methodology of refinement. Writer, artist, occultist, cultist, and Satanic madwoman; her cult of SIN is unavoidable. It is a chaos agent unto itself where she acts as culture corrector to cultivate an ideal environment for reaping personal fulfillment and exceeding the limitations of humanity; for Satan is the poetry of the world and nature is its church. SIN JONES is lurking in the tree of knowledge, tempting thee to eat of her fruit. A mere taste will rob you of your contentment, and provoke you into your own becoming. 

SIN JONES's Experience:

  • Host at Poison Apple Radio

    Radio host covering Occult topics, Topical World News, Satanism, paganism and more! Syndicated on SEPIA RVP: MP3 Downloads:

  • Owner at The Poison Apple

    Proprietor of the Poison Apple, a conduit for personal fulfillment and expressionism.

SIN JONES's Education:

  • saint clares

  • Miskatonic University

    Concentration: Cthulhu Mythos

SIN JONES's Interests & Activities:

Creating, writing, occultism, social media, liberal arts, anthropology, archaeology, history, mythology, sociology, psychology, science, and provocative content.

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